How The Majority of Us Search Online And Why It Matters To Your Business

According to Smart Insights, a lot of of the time spent on adaptable devices, 90% to be precise, is spent application an app (think Facebook, etc.), which is based on contempo Google research. Even admitting the absolute amount of agenda hours humans absorb on adaptable is college than desktops, this is mainly because humans use their apps for aggregate beneath the sun. But if it comes to in fact “surfing the web,” humans are alone spending about 10% of their agenda hours searching for answers on a handheld device. That’s not actual impressive.

So, why is Google so bullish on adaptable devices?

Here’s how their abounding activity is reckoned: For archetypal website inquiries in 2017, web searches a lot of generally activate on a adaptable accessory of some kind. This generally satisfies those searching for a quick answer. However, some web searchers defective added answers to added circuitous questions about products, issues, or problems either alpha or abide their analysis on a desktop platform.

This is a basic section of advice if you are aggravating to actualize a website activity that meets the needs of today’s online audience behindhand of the blazon of business you operate.

Marketing association like to alarm this behavior the chump journey. It is a cogent subset of a accepted convenance that accelerating companies embrace accepted as omnichannel marketing.

We will not affair ourselves with omnichannel for now, however; let’s accede why your customers’ online behavior should access your web design, strategy, and approach. Hopefully, a bit of accomplishments advice will advice you anticipate about how your accurate barter behave online, authoritative this analysis added accordant to your business’ online business needs.

What are your web barter accomplishing with online search?

The absolute adventure is not that humans are application adaptable accessories for searches. We get that. What we may not be accepting with the aforementioned faculty of coercion is how the convenance of application assorted accessories are the bigger allotment of the chump journey. This is alleged multi-platform search, and it is the a lot of accepted adjustment by far for those that are acceptable to appoint with your online presence.

So, area are all of the account talking about Multi-Platform Search? Sorry folks, it’s not actual adult to allocution about bond what some humans like to anticipate of as an old accessory (e.g. laptop) with the latest, hottest, biggest, flattest (add added adjectives here) smartphone the apple has anytime seen.

I afresh logged on to the website of one of my B2B audience who has a civic focus and beheld their analytics. Actual telling. In the endure three years, the amount of adaptable accessories humans acclimated to acquisition them went from beneath than 3% to about 15% today. Now adverse this with the civic boilerplate of visits via adaptable in the retail sector, which is upwards of 75%. You can see area the trend is heading, just like Google’s analysis suggests.

OK, I’m traveling to advance you do something, that is, if you would like to plan on and advance your chump adventure to purchase. Login to your website’s analytics and get the absolute arrangement of adaptable vs. desktop visits for the endure three years.

Once you accept your arrangement of adaptable vs. desktop visitors to your website, we accept to ask: Does the admeasurement of humans award you online accede with how your website design, functions, and user acquaintance play out? If you cannot candidly acknowledgment yes, you are in crisis of acceptable extraneous on the web, behindhand of how abundant money you absorb on SEO and advertising. Chump accessibility leads to achievement and is allotment of the aftereffect of a abundant user experience, and it may just be your best aggressive advantage.

Please address these numbers to your arch of business afore you accident accident added of your appliance on the web. Again appoint a competent web architecture and business aggregation to advice you interpret, create, and apparatus a plan of activity if you don’t accept these abilities in-house.

Today, there are abounding strategies and access to crop after-effects from the Internet. And your website may be alone a allotment of a multi-platform access that in fact puts your attendance in the architecture that humans need. Not anybody has the aforementioned preferences, and casting anybody in the aforementioned cast is a grave mistake.

Regardless of what you acquisition if your analysis your website’s browser statistics, the actual acknowledgment for your aggregation is traveling to be absolutely your own. That’s because a lot of industries accept barter with assorted needs, values, habits, and experiences.

Better business uses the best science but still relates to humans by getting an art. Award the appropriate antithesis is analytical to success and is generally out of appearance today because agenda marketers overuse disruption techniques that breach important business principles, such as, don’t abrade people!

A solid business plan positions your business both offline and online to

  • acquaint your different affairs point
  • bear alarming appurtenances or casework that reflect your amount proposition
  • focus on the customer
  • do or actualize something acceptable that humans accept in

If you are in the majority of companies who charge a website to ability your client, again today’s analysis says it should at atomic be adaptable friendly. This is just the starting point to activate cerebration about your chump journey. The added you apperceive about your customers’ journey, the bigger you will accept what affectionate of business activity will best serve your company’s goals in the years ahead.

A Brief Overview Of Concrete5 CMS

Each enterprise nowadays has the option to choose from a wide range of open source content management systems. Some of the content management systems are popular, whereas others are lesser-known. However, some of the lesser-known content management systems like Concrete5 come with an array of features to simplify development and management of a variety of websites and web application.

As an open source content management system (CMS), Concrete5 helps users to curtail website development and management cost. At the same time, it simplifies web application development and management by providing several robust features, along with community and enterprise support. These features make many enterprises prefer Concrete5 to other popular content management systems.

Understanding Important Features of Concrte5 CMS

Themes, Add-ons and Extensions

Concrete5 enables web developers to design websites rapidly using a number of free and commercial tools. Likewise, the developers can easily add functionality to the web application using several free and commercial add-ons. The themes and add-ons enable developers to build custom websites rapidly without writing additional code. At the same time, the developers can extend the CMS using enterprise extensions like internationalization, HTML exporter, and multi-step content workflow.

Content Editor

The content editor provided by Concrete5 helps programmers to customize the website according to precise business requirements. The WYSIWYG content editor further enables developers to customize the website without writing or modifying code. It further comes with robust features like in-context editing, easy theme controls, and dynamic forms. The programmers even have option to drag and drop content blocks within a template.

Style Editor

Cocrete5 enables developers to customize website design using a variety of fonts, layouts, colours. The developers can further edit these elements using the style editor provided by the CMS. The style editor further simplifies website customization by providing features like image editor, videos, gallery, blocks, stacks, templates, and page layouts.

Mobile Optimization

Concrete5 allows developers to optimize websites for mobile devices by adopting responsive web design. The developers can further make the web pages look good on varying devices using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, they can optimize the web application for mobile devices by availing the features provided by Concrete5 – responsive images, responsive layouts, responsive video, and mobile navigation/menus.

Form Builder

Concrete5 enables users to accelerate digital marketing campaigns by creating form and surveys dynamically. The programmers can use the form builder provided by the CMS to create forms and surveys without writing additional code. The users can further collect user data more efficiently by availing the features provided by the form builder – custom form fields, form validation, error detection and drag-and-drop.

Integrated Reporting Tool

Concrete5 also comes with tools to generate a variety of integrated reports. It allows users to create a variety of reports using a single interface. The website administrators can use the interface to generate reports based on form results, survey results, error logging, user session tracking statistics, and email logging systems. These reports help managers to speedup decision making process and monitor marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Security Features

The security features provided by Concrete5 helps developers to protect the web application from various targeted security attacks. The developers can easily enhance the website’s security by availing features like captcha, email verification, content approval, SSL implementation, audit trial and login history capturing. They also have option to override the default security settings of the CMS without modifying its core architecture.

User Management and Permissions

Concrete5 further enhances the website security by allowing administrators to create multiple user accounts and imposing access restrictions. Based on the policy of his organization, an administrator can create groups, profiles, attributes, exclusions, and custom single pages. Likewise, they can make individual web pages accessible to specific users and groups. Also, they can trigger events based on workflows against saved permissions.

Blogs and Commenting

Concrete5 comes with features to facilitate blog integration and online discussions. The users can easily integrate customizable blogs into their websites by availing features like topics, multiple authors, post display options, and RSS syndication. Likewise, they can use the integrated commenting system provided by Concrete5 to moderate both individual and threaded comments efficiently.

Social Integration and SEO

Concrte5 helps users to divert traffic to their websites from popular search engines and social networks. The users can easily increase the search engine ranking and visibility of their websites by availing an array of SEO features provided by the CMS – XML sitemap, description meta tag, page titles, custom URLs, and bulk SEO page updater. Likewise, they can use the social share plug-in provided by Concrete5 to integrate the website with popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

However, Concrete5, like other content management systems, has its own shortcomings. For instance, it increases web application development cost by requiring enterprises to purchase commercial add-ons. The enterprises can still use Concrete5 to build and manage a variety of web applications smoothly.

Choosing The Best Web Development Company for Your Business

The website is the business’ basic presence online, that’s why it’s extremely crucial to choose the best web development company to help you represent your brand out there. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses as they will need more effort to establish themselves to their customers. Here are some points to keep in mind to choose the best web development company for your business:


A company can’t ever dream to develop your website if they’re not doing a job on their own. Check their website. Does it look professional? Is it easily navigable? Ask if they have a portfolio. This is the best way to examine the types of website they can create. It’s a good sign if they are capable of making diverse websites which entails they have worked with a variety of your clients. When you see this for yourself, you will know if they are good for your business or not.


This is a very important factor that will determine the flow of your collaboration. An agency who can’t respond well won’t be able to communicate with their clients during projects. How quickly do they respond to inquiries? Do they return your calls? If they can’t do this, then it’s a major red flag and you shouldn’t choose this agency

It’s very important that the website development company you choose maintains constant communication with you. During your collaboration in your projects, they will have to deliver reports. If they can’t perform well even before winning your company, it’s very likely that they won’t be able to communicate with you when you’re already working with them.

The people

Assign a time to visit their office if it’s not an overseas company. This will allow you to make a better judgment as you will be able to see them in person. How does their staff treat visitors? How does their work environment look like? Do they have a close-knit relationship with each other? Do you think these people can provide you the service that you want?


What their client says about their services will say a lot about their company. Research about them and their past clients. Did they like the service they provided? Are there more negative reviews than positive reviews? Knowing this will save you from a potentially bad company. It’s always best to be wise.

You can also talk with other people who have worked with the company before and ask their experience.


All of the other factors may be good to go for you, but don’t forget that web development isn’t given for free. You need to choose a company that is within your budget. Be wise enough to know that your money is worth the services you are getting. Create a budget plan so you can save yourself from overspending and maximize your budget.

Being able to make the right decision in choosing the best web development company for your business may just be the key to its success. Never take this for granted and give it ample time and deliberation.